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Metal Abbreviations

ABF: Antique (Oxidized) Brass or Antique Bronze Finish or Color 

ABP: Antique (Oxidized) Brass Plated

ACF: Antique (Oxidized) Copper Finish or Color

ACP: Antique (Oxidized) Copper Plated

ACS: Art Clay Silver

AGF: Antique (Oxidized) Gold Finish or Color

AGP: Antique (Oxidized) Gold Plated

ANP: Antique (Oxidized) Nickel Plated

ARF: Antique (Oxidized) Rhodium Finish or Color

ARP: Antique (Oxidized) Rhodium Plated

ASF: Antique (Oxidized) Silver Finish or Color

ASP: Antique (Oxidized) Silver Plated

BCF: Brown Copper Finish or Color

BHG: Black Hills Gold

BKP: Black Plated

BKF: Black Finish or Color

BRF: Brass or Bronze Finish or Color

BRP: Brass or Bronze Plated

CPF: Copper Finish or Color

CPP: Copper Plated

CRF: Chrome Finish

CRP: Chrome Plated

EPBM: Electroplated Britannia Metal (Base Metal)

EPNS: Electroplated Nickel Silver (Silverplate)

GE: Gold Electroplate

GF: Gold Filled

GLF: Gold Finish or Color

GLP: Gold Plated

GMF: Gunmetal Finish or Color

CMP: Gunmetal Plated

GP: Gold Plated

GP/SS: Gold Plated over Sterling Silver (Vermeil)

HGE: Heavy Gold Electroplate

INP: Imitation Nickel Plated

IRF: Imitation Rhodium Finish or Color

IRP: Imitation Rhodium Plated

NF: Nickel Free

NLF: Nickel Finish or Color

NLP: Nickel Plated

PALL: Palladium

PLAT: Platinum

PMC: Precious Metal Clay

R: Rose Gold

RDP: Rhodium Plated

RGF: Rose Gold Finish or Color

RGP: Rose Gold Plated

SLF: Silver Finish or Color

SLP: Silver Plated

SS: Sterling Silver

SSF: Sterling Silver Filled

W: White Gold

Y: Yellow Gold

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