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Gemstone Abbreviations

CT: Carat (Gemstone Weight: 5.0 carats = 1.0grams)

CTW: Total Carat Weight

CZ: Cubic Zirconia

E: Routinely Enhanced

F: Flawless

GR: Grams

I: Included

IF: Internally Flawless

N: Natural

R: Neutron Irradiation

RBC: Round Brilliant Cut (Frequently referring to a diamond cut)

RD: Round Shape/Cut (Single cut diamond, fewer facets than RBC)

SC: Single Cut (Diamonds with fewer facets than RBC)

SI: Slightly Included

TCW: Total Carat Weight

TW: Total Weight

VSI: Very Slightly Included

VVSI: Very Very Slightly Included

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